Visual effects

Attended 2 different schools for media, I have been a part of three Tropfest short film entries, and produced more than five political animations, one of which made it to Australian TV.

Graphic design

Whether it be Vector design or Raster manipulation, Printed media or Digital graphics, 3D renders or visual effects, I have developed a plethora of digital design skills.

Web development

With a Bachelors degree, an Honours degree in the working, and more than 3 years experience working directly along side a Webmaster, I am proficient in web based practices.


Visual effects

Global Illumination test render

Just a test render of Global illumination in a 3D scene. Global illumination and Ambient occlusion make anything look real.

3D pencil Render

Testing out UV, bump, displacement, light, and diffuse maps, on a single pencil.

Me chasing myself

A masking test that I had seen a lot of other people do online. Easy trick, just requires some masking and duplicating.


Team Australia

Originally made as an inter-office joke, it was later praised by many in the office.

Minimalist Plane Fight

Multiple layered stroke paths, with stroke offsets make for easy work. I'm a fan of minimalism.

AFR typography

A draft for a Facebook post that unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Web design

ACFEC website redesign

I was asked by the Australian Centre for Environmental Compliance to redesign their website using the Wordpress CMS.

ACT Greens website redesign

I approached the ACT Greens to offer my expertise in designing a political website for the 2016 election.



This is a friend of a friend walking near a beach. I snapped this photo and didn't realise he looked so contemplative.

Little Plant

Walking around Batemans Bay one overcast day and spotted this little guy trying to grow.


I stopped to take this photo outside Blayney while driving back home to see family for Xmas.