National Library of Australia

Oral History Explorer


This project is a study in the development process and experimentation of traversing oral history collections through richer engagement and audience exploration. The project is loading over 3000 individual oral history records from the National Library of Australia's oral history collection on Trove. There are 2 choices of interface that were researched; Subject browser, and Timeline browser - You may browse using either below.


This is Scott Tester's 2015 Arts and Design Honours research dissertation, while attending the University of Canberra with the help of the National Library of Australia. There is an accompanying exegesis that explains the process through which the research was conducted, and the triumphs and pitfalls associated. The aim of the website is to serve as a live experimental sketching platform for the development of rich and engaging interfaces for oral history collections.


Browse through a searchable subject cloud.


Browse through a horizontal timeline.